Stomped heeft Red Storm gevraagd wat ze op de E3 zullen laten zien. Als antwoord kregen ze Urban Operations (Rogue Spear Add-on), UFS Vanguard, Aliens, Myths & Legends product, en nog 2 titels waar nog niks over gezegd wordt.Red Storm Entertainment is riding high with its Rainbow Six franchise, but what does it plan to show off for E3 2000? We contacted Red Storm Marketing Manager Wendy Beasley to find out, and what she told us was sparse but also very interesting: We don't really have a whole lot of information yet-- I can tell you that we'll be showing the Mission Pack for Rogue Spear (Urban Operations), UFS Vanguard, some of our new Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & Legends product, and two more to-be-named titles. Wow. Two unannounced titles from Red Storm at E3? We asked for a little more information from Beasley and here is what she sent back: UFS Vanguard is a tactical space combat game in which the player takes the role of a capital ship commander. The unannounced titles will be an action game and an action/adventure game. The only multiplayer that we will show will be for Urban Operations, everything else will be single-player.