Dr. Pepper meldde ons via de newssubmit dat Steve Childs van Tiberiumsun.com de eer had om alvast een potje te multiplayen met Red Alert 2.

Hij wel! The design and thought behind the game is as good as it has even been from Westwood. With 9 sides and each having little differences in the unit line up and costs of structures etc. this brings a lot more options into play than the 2 sides of Tiberian Sun. Thinking back to RA, each side had slightly different Armour, build speed, build cost, rate of fire etc.. I am sure this will be carried over into RA2. So in my opinion, Red Alert 2 is going to put Westwood back where it belongs, at the top of the RTS league. Now all it needs is a map editor. ;-)Er doen 9 landen mee in Red Alert 2 waarop ze de koers varen van Age of Empires lijkt het

Tiberiumsun.com is ook erg te spreken over de graphics in het spel, iets wat toch wel tegen viel in het vorige deel.

De preview lees je hier.