Bij de C&C series draait het ook om de filmpjes. Westwood is net klaar met de filmpjes die gebruikt gaan worden voor Red Alert2. Een aantal bekende mensen deden mee.

De laatste tijd(en) is er veel kritiek op Westwood dat het niet vernieuwend bezig is, terecht of onterecht, de filmpjes blijven altijd van een hoog niveau.Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 completed its two weeks of shooting with several actors, creating images for the alternate-history strategy game. Stars included Kari Wurher (MTV Remote Control, Sliders, Beverly Hills 90210), Ray Wise (Twin Peaks), Barry Corbin (Northern Exposure, WarGames) and Udo Kier (Blade, Armageddon). "I kicked in doors, played with guns, punched guys in the face and had more fun than really should be legal," says Kari Wuhrer, who plays Tanya, a commando. "I don't get many roles where I get to, literally, kick ass." Emmy winner Ron Wild, a special effects makeup genius who worked on Godzilla, Battlefield Earth and Babylon 5, performed his magic on everything from Einstein's bushy hair and wizened face to Yuri the Psychic's elongated skull, tastefully accented with flashing red diodes. The Red Alert 2 film sequences serve to motivate Red Alert 2 players, who will command vast armies over large battlefields. With each successful mission, the film shows the results of the player's good work, a film clip that tells another chapter in the story. Geen Robert de Niro, maar wel een aantal andere filmsterren.