Er is een demo uitgekomen van realMYST. In dit spel mag je weer Myst gaan spelen maar nu met een fonkelnieuwe 3D engine en eindelijk in real-time, dus niet meer plaatje voor plaatje voortbewegen. De screenshots zien er zeer goed uit, nou hopen dat het spel net zo leuk is als het origineel.The differences between the Stoneship Age in the original Myst and realMYST are as varied and pronounced as the difference between looking at postcards from a place and actually going there in person. In the original Myst, you were only permitted certain views of the age, frozen in space and time. In realMYST, you can walk around and look pretty much wherever you want to, whenever you want to. In the original Stoneship, the weather and time of day never changed. In realMYST's Stoneship, the weather and time of day are continuously changing. In the original, hardly anything moved. In realMYST, just about everything moves. In realMYST, Stoneship is alive.

You notice it immediately upon linking to the age. Rain is falling. The tattered remains of the ship's sails are fluttering in the wind. The clouds and water are churning violently. You feel colder. You feel as if you are really there, really marooned on a ship stuck in a rock in the middle of a strange and dangerous sea. Those familiar with the original Myst will be constantly surprised by Stoneship, as they will with the rest of the ages in realMYST. But perhaps the biggest surprise of all will be experienced during a visit to the Bookroom on Stoneship--users will find the ocean brimming with life.

Het beestje weegt een slordige 47 Mb en is bij Avault te vinden.