PC.Ign heeft een preview geschreven van Real War, een RTS waarin je met realistische units ten strijde mag gaan.

Three new attack modes have been added to the game as well. Apart from the standard click-this-thing-and-then-click-on-the-thing-you-want-that-first-thing-to-kill, Real War will also incorporate three new attack options. First is the standard group attack. This is handled by dragging an attack box around a group of enemies. The AI assigns one of your units to each of the enemies. Any extra units on your side double up on the enemies. You can also utilize the swarm attack function on a group of enemies. In this case, your entire force will concentrate on eliminating your enemies one at a time. The AI again determines which of the targets within your attack box should be attacked first. Last, we've got the simultaneous attack. You can have multiple units converge on a single group of enemies at the same time. In other words, you can position your forces around an enemy and make sure that they all begin their attacks at the same time. Jim revealed that the team is currently considering adding rules of engagement to the game as well, so you might not have to micromanage all of your units.

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