Gamers Central heeft een review van Rayman 2 gepost. Hieronder weer een stukkie, de rest vind je hier.Following on from the original title, Rayman has been imprisoned by the evil pirate Razorbeard, who is capturing animals and putting them to work in his intergalactic circus. Unfortunately, Razorbeard has stripped our limbless hero of the powers that he possessed in the original game. He also broke up the primordial energy of the universe into pieces called "lums" and scattered it into many different worlds. Rayman firstly has to escape from Razorbeard, and then with the help of Ly the fairy, recover the lums that will restore to him the powers that he once had. In his travels, he's got to try to free as many of his animal friends as possible, and finally rid the world of the pirates that have overrun it.

I am pleased to say that the visuals in Rayman 2 are absolutely superb. Actually I have suspicions that they have been improved since the release of the demo, and that really says something! While the graphics retain their cartoonish appearance, they look stunning and really add to the atmosphere of the gaming experience. The use of lighting has been exceptionally done, especially in some of the later levels. During his travels, Rayman journeys through worlds filled with sparkling waterfalls, rivers of lava, gaping chasms and the occasional pirate ship. Everything is rendered vibrantly in stunning 3D that will not leave you disappointed.

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