Kogels heb je in verschillende smaken en kleuren . Maar hoe zit het nu precies en in welke situatie kan je wat het beste gebruiken ?. Allemaal vragen die je kan hebben als je een Tactical Shooter speelt (of gestoord over straat of in je klas met lood aan het sproeien bent ). Planet Rainbow Six brengt je de antwoorden .Disclaimer, I don't claim to be a master in the science of physics, which is where ballistics, momentum and aerodynamics are discussed. However, the purpose of this discussion is to convey what I learned in numerous physics classes I have taken, what I learned of ammunition physics from various people, and what I know from various writings. I hope this piece of writing will help you choose what weapons to use in certain situations, according to the bullets it fires.

A question that baffled a lot of people was, why does rifle rounds(which are smaller), does more damage than the pistol rounds from sub-machineguns(which are bigger)? Another question, why are pistol ammunitions so inaccurate at long range? What is the point of

Sabot rounds, which are many times SMALLER than the original ammo? Because of these questions, many people couldn't decide what weapon to choose for what situations.

Pistol rounds are mostly used by police officers. It is very uncommon for police officers to face criminals that managed to wear bullet proof kevlar vests. Also, they are often faced with charging criminals that needs to be stopped in their tracks. Finally, no pistol user will ever be required to shoot accurately over a large distance. Thus, pistol rounds needs not be accurate in extreme ranges, and needs to have a great amount of stopping power.

Rifle rounds, on the other hand, are used mostly in the military. It is commonplace for military soldiers to wear body armour. Also, in the case of military sniping action, the usual engagements occur at about 600m, so rifle rounds need to be accurate at long ranges as well.

To generalize, rifle bullets need to penetrate above all else, offering the ability to shoot through cover and vests, and being accurate and remains powerful at extreme ranges.Ach Headshots werken altijd , maar voor die plekken waar je moeilijk bijkomt kan je dit wel lezen.