In Dungeon Siege, de opkomende RPG van Gas Powered Games heeft in een interviewtje te weten laten kennen dat hij het sterven in Dungeon Siege iets anders gaat aanpakken. Je gaat minder snel dood, in plaats daarvan val je gewoon op de grond en kun je niet vechten. Het idee hierachter is om het save-load "valsspelen" tegen te gaan."Death is handled a little differently than in most games," explains Taylor. "Death is not the first thing that happens to your character when they suffer from too much damage. First they fall to the ground unconscious. They might have been killed if the blow was too big, but in most cases they effectively fall to the ground and cannot continue to fight." He continues, "this alleviates the save/load problem most of the time, because in a typical battle with multiple characters, as long as one survives the battle and emerges victorious, the others can simply be healed and not the lengthy resurrection process that has much costlier implications." Niet zo'n heel nieuw principe dus, maar wel goed doordacht.