Gamecenter mocht een beta versie van de add-on voor Rainbow six: Rogue spear testen, genaamd Urban Operations. Uiteraard hebben ze een preview online gegooid:

(bedankt Amar voor de tip)The most notable of these is the addition of innocent civilians. "In the past," says Steve Cotton, producer of Urban Operations, "when Rainbow has gone into a hostile situation, there have been only three types of people to worry about--good guys, bad guys, and hostages. But sooner or later every situation gets a little more complicated. In Urban Operations, we wanted to see how Rainbow would handle a fourth worry--innocent bystanders. And it definitely adds a new twist. You have to be even quicker than before to keep from shooting the wrong people." (...)n addition to Defend and the other new maps, Urban Operations will include the five most popular maps from the original Rainbow Six: Amazon, Skyscraper, Hacienda, Hotzone, and Estate. It's refreshing to see a developer that uses every opportunity to enhance and expand a game series, and that's exactly what Red Storm is promising to do with Urban Operations. Since it arrived, the beta has completely dominated all our available gaming time, and is leaving little doubt that the Rainbow Six series is still the premier tactical shooter franchise.