Er komt nog een add-on voor Rainbow 6, de oude versie dus. Deze heet Covert Operations.Red Storm Entertainment today announced that it will publish Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Covert Operations Essentials (Covert Ops). Covert Ops is an extension of the Rainbow Six franchise, in which players will not only get to play new levels, but will also get an insider's look at the world of covert operations. Bridging the gap between fiction and real-world special operations, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Covert Operations Essentials is a new overview covering the subject of counter-terrorism from 1970 until the present. Covert Ops will contain video interviews with top experts in the field, as well as photos and video footage of weapons and equipment, along with a description of situations where they are typically used. A special “Making of Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear” section is an added bonus. Players will also be able to test their skills and knowledge through interactive “Officer Candidate School” testing, as well as by playing the specially created game levels.In Q3 van dit jaar wordt de add-on verwacht.