Bij Avault stonden wat details en wat leuke screenies van Quark.Expected to exploit the technologies developed for OMIKRON while renewing them with an intelligent engine, advanced dynamism and powerful tools, QUARK is an upcoming 3D action adventure from Quantic Dream. The game is set in two parallel universes, a medieval fantasy world and contemporary London. The main character is a young boy who fights against a void that is eating away at his realm. With the help of his animal friends, he sets out on a journey that sends him through a vast world. His sister, a young orphan girl abandoned in London, is also determined to unravel the mystery. Players can travel between the two parallel universes, which have differing characteristics: one is a fairytale setting and the other is a realistic city with somber tones. Managing animals that accompany the heroes is possible, as is using their special powers in real-time combat. Complete freedom of action is featured in this non-linear scenario. A release date has yet to be announced.