Dr. Pepper schrijft: "Bij Sharky Extreme hebben ze een first look voor Team Arena, de door ID zelfgemaakte add-on." Daar heb ik niks meer aan toe te voegen A new multiplayer game called Harvester will add to the existing deathmatch and capture-the-flag competitions, by generating a skull on the map for each fragged player. Winning the game requires a focus on both collecting skulls and storming the enemy fort. Perhaps taking a page from the specialties in games like Team Fortress, Team Arena's power-ups will bestow skills and roles upon a player, such as “Scout” (extra speed). Even power-up longevity will be tied to teamwork. A team power-up will last until a player's character dies, when it will materialize for a teammate to pick up. No Quake pack would be complete without new weapons, and id promises the nail gun will return in a brutal variant, along with a nasty proximity mine launcher. Lees het verder op Sharkyextreme.