ArL zei: Dat de nieuwe DLL's voor Kwak 5 tot 20 procent sneller is...I wanted to save this for last so it wouldn't be missed by people. It also gave me some time to mess around with it a bit more. Zarjazz, author of the BW Q2 Admin DLL utility from Barrysworld has created some optimized, precompiled Windows DLLs for Quake 3 Arena that improve performance by a reported 5-20%. They have been compiled using Visual C++ 6.0 and are optimized for Pentium II+ (Celeron too) processors. Download (250K) and unzip into your Quake3 directory (note: NOT baseq3, the main Q3 dir) and make sure you have the Q3 Point Release installed first. In HQ 640x480, my demo001 score went from 44.7fps to 48.7fps for a 9% increase. Not bad at all! Warning: I scanned these for viruses but I have not tested them long term for bugs or anything else. I did not see any visual glitches and did not have any crashes while running around levels or running the demo001 or new crusher demo. Zarjazz is a pretty trustable source and has done a lot of good for the Q2 community so I wouldn't worry about any mischief. Use at your own risk and your mileage may vary, etc. etc. Hmm, I wonder if these work for Athlon systems. If you have an Athlon and aren't afraid to try it out, please let others know in the comments if it helps and/or works. Also, anybody wishing to show the % improvement for their systems, post in the comments.