Hier een update over alle Quake 3 stuff die nog moet gaan uitkomen of die er al is. Hier zal ik ff 2 nieuwe linkjes plaatsen naar wat nieuwe goodies voor Quake 3. In het vervolg zal ik geen info meer posten over nieuwe levels, sites e.d. voor Q3 of UT. Dus.. blijf je favoriete Q3 of UT site checken voor nieuwe dingetjes!

En nu.. om het af te leren:

[bullet]Nieuwe maps:Quake3World [bullet]Q3 prefabs: Gamedesign Prefabs Site. Bdw: Check Q3World voor 3 nieuwe CTF maps! Hieronder een stukkie erover afkomstig van BarrysWorld.The first revision we recieved was described as the basic structural release, and our purpose was to finalise the item placement and help find bugs and exploits before the eventual release to the public. As they were then the maps showed the experience and wisdom learnt from three years of CTF gaming, and it was hard to fault their designs. Ranging from the modular and open Courtyard Conundrum to the twisty turny frantic flag run that is Blood Lust the maps showed variety and maturity, balancing the luscious graphics of the new engine with the functionality and cleanliness of design required to house twelve players and give their collective minds the opportunity to develop deep and challenging tactics. There were however, typically Zoid design flaws that lead to annoyingly familiar Outland style deadlocks that we then set our collective mind to resolve.