Voor degene die Quake wat leuker willen maken dan hij al is. B.v. je nickname een kleurtje geven. (nou wauw)Q3A-TC is the ultimate Q3 tool. It contains a funname editor, which can turn both your nickname as your server name into a FunName. Q3A-TC also features a key binder, allowing you to bind keys to commands and create your own aliases. On top of that there's also a config editor, which you can use for tweaking the gfx, the railgun, ... . Q3A-TC also allows you to use your own themes so you can customize the look of the program! Much more features will be added at a later date. Features: Launch Q3A or your favourite server browser User-friendly config editor, no need to remember all the cvars anymore FunName, make your own colored nickname and server name Key Binds, bind your keys with an easy-to-use interface PK3 Explorer to see what's inside those pk3 files Dial-up optimizer: reduce lag up to 30% Built-in mini server browser! Useful links, go to your favourite sites from within Q3A-TC

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