Een van de utils die er beschikbaar zijn voor het tracken van gameservers en het opzetten ervan is Qtracker. Wat de naam misschien doet vermoeden is niet het geval. Qtracker is namelijk naast Quake3 ook bruikbaar voor de gangbare games.

Op de officiele site is nu dus de nieuwste versie te vinden met de volgende features:What's a server browser? Qtracker will find you hundreds of places to play your favorite games at. Qtracker will only show you the games and servers which meet your criteria. Want to find someplace to play Team Fortress? CTF+? How about a server with the least amount of lag? Qtracker makes it easy to do this and more.

What's a server launcher? Not content to play on someone elses server? Fire up your own! Qtracker makes easy to make your own server. Pick your levels, change the setup. It's a breeze! Qtracker will make other players aware of your server! Your game will be automatically posted to a popular server listing so other gamers will have the opportunity to come play on your server.

What's a MP3 streaming audio browser? Like to listen to MP3s? Qtracker will sift through hundreds of streaming audio servers for the music you like to listen to! Don't know what an MP3 is? Just imagine being able to listen to the radio via the Internet. If you have a fast enough connection, the sound quality is nearly identical to that of a CD.

What's a HTML server list generator? You've seen all the web pages that list hundreds of active servers... Now you can make your own! Qtracker will insert server information into your HTML, so it will look how you want it to. Setup is quick and easy, plus Qtracker can automatically FTP generated HTML directly to your web server!Qtracker is gratis te downloaden.