Bij gamespy hebben ze de nieuwe Quake 3 Arena Mission pack eens nader onder de loep genomen. Er is te lezen dat vele wapens, die Quake fans kennen van vroeger, terug keren in de game. De nailgun en de chaingun maken hun rentree!

Hieronder is een screenshot te zien van de nieuwe Proximity Mine Launcher:

The new weapons added in the mission pack are hardly new or original, but should be pretty exciting for Quake fans nonetheless. Two of them are returning from previous id software games, and the third -- a proximity mine launcher -- is always a blast whenever team games are involved. The nailgun returns from its Quake I dormancy, and proves to be devastating in combat. Rather than firing a stream of nails, it fires them in brutalizing clusters, where they clang against walls or embed themselves into any nearby fleshy targets. Lees hier de hele preview.