Het lijkt wel FPSmadness in Console land. UT als eerste op de PS2 en nu waarschijnlijk ook Q3. Het zijn misschien nog allemaal geruchten, maar in elke gerucht schuilt een kern van waarheid Remember a month or so back when Bullfrog sent out word they were on the look out for Quake 3 level designers to

work on a next-gen console port of a Quake 3 engine game? Also, do you remember the interview conducted at this years QuakeCon with id's CEO Todd Hollenshead, which was recently posted over on Stomped, where he mentioned that they would have an "announcement pretty soon about plans for Quake 3 on the Playstation 2." Can you see where I'm going with this yet? :) I've heard from a few sources close to id Software that id have infact been talks with Bullfrog about taking on the project, but whether it's a done deal yet remains to be seen. Also, another interesting point is that Bullfrog are basically EA Europe, so it looks like EA might be the ones publishing the game. There was a lot of speculation that the game they would be working in would be a port of Rogue Entertainment's Alice, I bet no one ever imagined it would be Quake 3 itself :) This also opens up the question whether the Quake 3 engine itself will be ported to the PS2. Could we be seeing non-PC Quake 3 engine games on the console? Who knows? Ik ben benieuwd of er meer PC spellen geport worden naar de Console of andersom ?

Q3 en PS2 ? wie weet