3QSeek.com heeft de nieuwste versie van Quake 3: Arena Fightclub. Het is versie 3.23. Ze hebben er nu ook al een patch bij (300 kb). Version 3.23 of Fightclub is now available. Get it here. New in this release: Massive changes for the better in Map Management Each map can have its own game settings The main window is now resizable Basic CFG File Import These changes make a big difference, especially the resizable window. Make sure you read the readme.txt for full details on how to use the new map tree, OK? Note that if you have custom maps already in Fightclub, these will be missing after you install the new version. Just hit the scan button again to re-load your custom maps. I've updated the 3.23 install to fix a couple of bugs, and the map scanning problem I mentioned earlier. People who have already downloaded 3.23 can download a 300k patch which will fix these problems.