Er is een nieuwe versie van de Q3 Mod Assault uitgekomen, en wel 1.0.

Hier kun je hem direct downen, en voor meer links check de thuispagina: Assault Homepage.

Version 1.0 of the Assault mod for Quake 3 has been unleashed, barring any unforseen bugs showing themselves this version is final. Included in the package are 5 specific Q3 Assault maps. Assault Quake3 Final Release Including: - Assault Mode - Sudden Death, Overtime and Stalemate - Weapons selection - Ammo, Armor and Health regeneration - Bot support and improved CTF AI - Autoexecing of map specific cfgs - Best weapon cmd - Custom map entities - Female Sound Announcer - Q3ASS1 "Golem-Eye Gardens" - Q3ASS2 "Zenith" - Q3ASS3 "Respawned from the Void" - Q3ASS4 "Fort Mumin" - Q3ASS5 "Clouddancers"