Ben je van plan een PSX 2 uit Japan te laten over komen? Helaas, het is verboden! Het is verboden om PSX en memory cards buiten Japan te verkopen .Nikkei Online on Wednesday reported something interesting for people who are planning to import a PlayStation2 from Japan. According to the article, transporting PS2 outside of Japan is prohibited by law. The Japanese PlayStation's official web site cites the following: "As of June 18, 1999, the International Foreign Exchange and Trade Law prohibits transporting of Sony PlayStation2 and the Sony PlayStation2 Memory Cards outside of Japan without a consent from the Department of Trade and Commerce." The report mentions that one of the possible reasons is because of the implementation of Sony's unique encryption technology, called Magic Gate, onto the PS2 memory card. This is the first time a game console has been given such prohibition, and whether this will have an impact on importing the PS2 in the future is yet to be determined.