SN Systems, een bekend console utility maker, heeft bekend gemaakt dat een online gaming programmaatje (wat via USB gaat werken) onderweg is:The program, called "SN TCP/IP Stack," provides developers with a way to hook their games up to the 'net through the PS2's USB interface. Gamers will simply have to purchase a USB modem (they go for around $40 or $50), plug it into the port on the front of their PS2, and their internet PS2 connection will be up and running. SN TCP/IP Stack won't slow down the performance of the PS2, since it runs off a different processor than the one used for PS2's graphics (the Emotion Engine). Many developers have expressed interest in this new product, including Epic Megagames, famed developers of Unreal Tournament. They have plans to bring the hit PC game to the American PS2, and since the game relies heavily on multiplayer, internet play is at the top of Epic's list. If Sony gets the specs for its modem add-on out in time, the game may even support both the USB and Sony-propietary internet hook-ups. Zo dit samen met Unreal Tournament en kom maar op met die next generation consoles