Nieuwsgierig in welke dozen de nieuwe PS2 titels verpakt zullen zitten? Daily Radar heeft alle launch titels voor je op een rijtje gezet.The PS2 launch lineup is almost upon us and gamers across the country are already dreaming about what the stores will look like on that magical day. All full of wonderful next gen games --if not next gen consoles-- the stores will suddenly look more like DVD shops, or at least a return to the early PSX days. Those who remember the long boxes that accompanied the first PSX games will doubtless feel a sense of nostalgia upon viewing these images. These, however, are not the games of yesteryear. Get ready for a whole new world of gaming.

DVD's nemen de toekomst over, eerst de console's en dan uiteindelijk ook de pc, heb ik die DVD-ROM toch niet voor niets gekocht.