Roddel, roddel. Laatst werd er gemeld dat de 1000.000 PS2's bestemd voor Amerika, niet geleverd konden worden vanwege materiaal tekorten. FGNonline heeft speculaties gehoord dat alle materialen aanwezig zijn en dat de DVD protecie het werkelijke probleem is.PlayStation 2: Speculation has suggested that DVD territorial protection is the reason for the PS2 console shortage, and not a lack of components as originally reported.

E-insite is hosting rumors from various sources who

say, "The real problem is with the PlayStation 2's

DVD content protection systems". Industry insiders have shunned opinions that the PS2 famine stems from component shortages, saying, "It's been pretty well established that the big brand players have gotten all of the parts they need. It's only been the second tier and white box suppliers who have been pinched on parts. It's hard to imagine that a power house brand like Sony would be subject to part allocation."

Meanwhile the blame is being put on the Content

Security System (CSS) guidelines used by the entire

DVD industry. The system incorporates unique country codes that prevent a DVD from one country being played on a player from another. Gerry Kaufhold, principal analyst at Cahners In-Stat Group explained, "The idea is to protect the release of movies in different markets."Het klinkt allemaal zeer aannemelijk. Echt een streek van Fony om uit te halen.