Hier is iets te vinden over een nieuw set protocollen voor multiplayer. Zal wel leuk zijn voor de die hard multiplayers1) What is PowerPlay? PowerPlay is a set of standards and protocols for improving games and entertainment on the Internet. 2) Who is involved in PowerPlay? Initially PowerPlay has been defined by Cisco, the leading supplier of Internet infrastructure, a leading US ISP, and Valve, creators of Half-Life. Over time, PowerPlay will become an open industry standard. 3) Why did these companies get together? When the Internet was originally conceived, it wasn't designed to deliver high quality consumer entertainment. As a result, developers have focused on mitigating the worst rather than optimizing for the best. In order to bring about the necessary changes in the Internet to allow for great consumer experiences, it became clear to the three companies that a coordinated solution between content developers, service providers, and infrastructure manufacturers was necessary. 4) How does it work? The initial focus of PowerPlay is on Quality of Service (QOS). There are a wide variety of protocol and deployment issues related to improving QOS. Valve brought experience and technology related to client applications design, our ISP partner addressed deployment issues, and Cisco addressed router and access concentrator issues. Find it here