Thresh's FiringSquad laat ons vandaag mee genieten van Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed. De nieuwe telg uit de Need For Speed serie zal dus alleen maar Posches bevatten.

Hieronder een knipje eruit.. NFS: Porsche Unleashed provides another two driving modes - Evolution and Factory Driver modes. Evolution mode will start off at the birth of Porsche, with the 1948 Porsche 356. The game will then let you purchase other Porsches as time goes by and newer models are released. Acknowledging the popularity of games like Gran Turismo, NFS: Porsche will allow modifications and tuning of the cars. To modify the car, the developers provided somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 parts from which to choose.

The second new mode is Factory driver mode. This entails driving courses and earning merits for doing particular maneuvers and time trials. Akin to the license tests in Gran Turismo, this mode allows you to learn how to use the cars to their maximum, and still make it entertaining.

Looking very good!