Bij Sony zullen ze ook wel danig in de rats zitten met de komst van de XBox en daarom zijn de eerste geruchten rond een Playstation3 naar buiten gelekt/gebracht. Verwacht nog geen bijzondere nieuwe processor, want bij Sony hebben ze enkel 6 PS2 chips op een board geplakt en gelinked met een pc.

Het volledige verhaal is op SonyWeb te bewonderen.The word on the street is that the PS2 is old school already. Well, not really, but Sony has managed to put together a crude prototype in order to show off the power it has in store for the PS3. A special effects production house, which asked not to be identified, said that Sony reps brought a makeshift PS3 to its offices recently in an attempt to establish development support.

While it should perk the ears of many, it should be noted that the prototype was not big on looks at the moment. The "prototype" was not an actual model of the unit itself per se, but rather a model of the power with, literally, six PS2 units stacked on top of one another connected with a pack of wires to a PC.

Sony showed off a few revamped demos that were used for the PlayStation 2, including one that allowed users to "fly" through a fantasy castle environment. The demo was reportedly technical in nature and geared more towards showing off the processing power rather than the graphics engine at this point, mostly because the chipset isn't finished and won't be for some time.

Does this mean that we should can the PS2 already and get ready for the PS3? Not quite. If you remember, back in late 1995 and early 1996, Ken Kuturagi made mentions of the mythical PS2 that would be appearing in the distant future of the year 2000.

It actually should be no surprise that Sony is already working on the replacement to this year's must have product. The PS3 name and logo has already been registered with Japanese authorities. Damn. Zijn we net met XBox, PS2, GameCube en 500 andere nieuwe consoles bezig, komen ze nu al met opvolgers? Ik voel me al een beetje duizelig worden.