Omdat ik weet dat mensen hier geen genoeg kunnen krijgen van de verhalen rondom onze goede vriend Romero, heb ik de officiele John Romero (fan?)site, maar eens bekeken. Ja, onze Sjonnie heeft een eigen site.

Hier is wat hij te melden heeft.Hey everyone! I'm still working on the site... it's going to be pretty big. Mainly, this site is going to replace my .plan file and I'll probably have (close to) daily updates and provide some articles on Game Industry History and maybe some interviews with notable game designers, programmers, mappers, etc. Maybe my bong-buddy Levelord will submit to an interview, as long as we clear it with JeffK. A lot of the time I've spent on this site has been on the GAMES section where I document *all* the games I've written since 1982. There's about 95 of them, not counting all the games I started and didn't finish (not many of those, though), nor does that count the many utility programs I coded to develop these games, but I'll be detailing each of those as well. En ik weet dat jullie nu allerlei aardige dingen over John gaan zeggen. Way..het openen van een leuke discussie kan toch ZO simpel zijn.