MGON heeft een interview op het internet geplaatst met Mike Montgomery, de oprichter van The Bitmap Brothers. The Bitmap Brothers zijn verantwoordelijk voor Z: Steel Soldiers, een goed beoordeelde RTS game. In het interview worden veel zaken behandeld maar één vraag blonk duidelijk uit. MGON vroeg namelijk hoe Mike denkt over de toekomst van de PC games. Hij denkt er goed over want consoles verouderen altijd eerder omdat er voor PC's steeds weer nieuwe, betere hardware uitkomt. Steve: What do you see as the future of the PC as a games platform? Do you see it getting swamped by the consoles? The games market has in the past been cyclic with the PC getting the upper hand, and then the consoles being strong. The consoles are strong now (and more like a PC than ever). Do you think the PC will come back into favour? Where do you see the platform in the future? Mike : I don't think the PC is not in favour. Regardless of the arguments that have been put forward in recent times and in the past the PC has only ever gone from strength to strength. Each platform generally ends up being able to do well with specific genres of games. Consoles have an average shelf life of around 3 years, the first year of which you'll find the PC has already gone far beyond it's capabilities. People will always want the best that's around, ergo the PC will stay around for a long time. I'm not having a pop at consoles as I own all of the ones you would expect, I just prefer to play the majority of games that I enjoy on a PC due to the limitations of today's consoles. Somebody made an interesting point in the office the other day, regardless of a consoles prowess it's only a matter of time before an emulator appears in some form on the PC. That kind of says it all really. In the future I think that the term PC will used more to describe your all singing all dancing games and net compatible PDA than it's hardcore desktop big brother.Persoonlijk denk ik dat de PC's inderdaad helemaal geen terrein gaan verliezen. Wel denk ik dat de consoles meer publiek erbij gaan krijgen want steeds meer mensen gamen tegenwoordig op beide platformen. Het overigens zeer interessante interview is te lezen op MGON.