Ook Raven Software doet er aan mee, het snel uitbrengen van patches. Of moeten we zeggen het uitbrengen van buggie games? Anyway de eerste patch (1.1) voor deze Star Trek FPS fixt de nodige zaken die het spelplezier zal bevorderen.New Improvements:

Based on feedback of joystick users, we have modified the way joysticks are supported in the game. As a default, the X-Axis and Y-Axis operate in the analog mode. Two additional buttons have been added to the Mouse/Joystick controls screen. By turning X-Axis and/or Y-Axis Off, they will act like buttons and function in an on/off mode.

The ATI Radeon 3D-Accellerator is now supported by Elite Force.

Major Fixes:

Single Player

In the Dreadnaught levels, your teammates will no longer attack you if you destroy the turrets they were fighting.

In the Dreadnaught levels, some users were encountering an issue involving Tuvok becoming stuck in a cinematic. This issue has been resolved.

At low frame rates, it was possible for event triggers to not activate. The method of triggering events has been modified to address this problem. A similar problem involving the completion of cinematics has been fixed.

Multiplayer (Holomatch)

The game will now accept CD-Keys that were incorrectly printed with spaces instead of zeroes (“0”) in the final two characters of the CD-Key.Als je jezelf eigenaar van deze game mag noemen is het downloaden van deze patch een absolute must om nog meer te genieten van deze game.