Een tijdje geleden is de deathmatch modification voor Quake3Arena, genaamd Painkeep Arena gereleased, nu komt Team Evolve (de developer) met een mappack die je vast op moet warmen voor versie 2 van de mod.The first mod to catch our eye here at GameLoft was Painkeep Arena, the long-awaited Quake3 version of the classic Painkeep mod for Quake. Those of you who played the original Painkeep are probably now staring at the ceiling in a glassy-eyed bout of nostalgia; for the rest of you, here's a brief low-down of how Painkeep works. Essentially, it's the biggest and baddest free-for-all deathmatch mod that has ever existed. Your objective is simple - kill everyone! - but what makes Painkeep so amazing is the variety of different ways in which the aforementioned carnage can be achieved.

As well as the regular Quake III rocket launcher, shotgun and railgun, Painkeep adds a whole host of new weapons - including instant favourites such as the wonderfully over-the-top Explosive Shotgun, the Chain Lightning Gun (target one person with it, and the beam bounces off them onto the next target, and then the next - a lethal weapon in a melee) and the Nailgun (a vicious implement which fires scorching hot flechettes which embed themselves in floors, walls and, naturally, soft flesh - avoid touching the hot flechettes stuck in the walls, as they'll burn you quite badly). To top it off, there's the Airfist - a wonderful weapon which fires out a blast of compressed air, throwing enemies across the rooms and even firing their own rockets and grenades back in their faces - and the Dragons Tongue, a variation on the grappling hook, which allows you to latch onto a wall or ceiling and pull yourself towards it at great speed, or alternatively to grab a powerup from across the room and drag it towards you.

Last but not least are the handheld items, which are selected by cycling through them like an inventory menu and deployed with a single click. There are the wonderful bear traps - great big steel jaws which close on the legs of anyone foolish enough to run over one - which make a welcome return from the original Painkeep, as does the Gravity Well - a miniature black hole which sucks nearby players and objects into itself. Also in this beta of Painkeep Arena is the Tin of Pork n' Beans (yes, there is actually an object called that) which gives you a 100% health top-up but can have some embarrassing side-effects (although these aren't implemented as yet).Om van de 23 MB grote mappack te kunnen genieten heb je versie 1.07 van Q3A nodig en een exemplaar van Painkeep Arena zelf.