Met Unreal Tournament 2003 in de aandacht zouden we bijna vergeten dat ook Unreal 2 al voor het einde van dit jaar is gepland. IGN kreeg een vroege inside sneak en schreef er een preview over. Hierin wordt oa wat meer bekend gemaakt over de monsters en andere tegenstanders die je in het spel tegen zal komen.

Over de graphics wordt helaas nog niet zo heel veel nieuws vermeld, al zijn er wel enkele screenshots te bewonderen met niet eerder getoonde models.The bad guys come in all shapes and forms from the Skaarj that we all know and hate so well to the new bad boys on the block, a bio-mechanical race who's name will remain a mystery for the time being. They're one of the main plot elements as well giving reason for The Awakening part of the title. They've been asleep for a while and somebody was dumb enough to wake them up. Sporting an impressive array of weapons and fighting units, you'll have to deal with these guys with extreme prejudice and a healthy dose of EMP weapons that work well because of their mechanical nature. Two types of fighting aliens were present in the short bit we saw of this level. One was a ranged attacker shooting powerful laser type weapons and one was a melee type giving what I'll call the Hug of Warm and Crispy Death. They pretty much run at you, extend their mechanical arms out in what looks like an attempt to give you a hug. When the bolts of electricity start flying out in between the arms, and through your body, you may start to think their intentions weren't so loving after all. De preview is te lezen op IGN.