Wie weet er meer over HalfLife dan een van de sites speciaal voor HalfLife?? Vandaar dat ze een previewtje over de nieuwe 'add on' pack Opposing Forces hebben geschreven.Half-Life: Opposing Forces is not your ordinary add-on pack, it's an expansion of the game! Not just a new enemy or two, a couple weapons which make no sense, and maybe some maps, this is Half-Life from a different perspective!You can certainly not look forward getting into a fray without some nice armaments. Opposing Forces is loaded with all, that's right, all of Half-Life's Original weaponry plus 9 totally new weapons, ranging from heavy machine guns (m249 SAW), to biological devices (Spore Launcher), you will always have something to obliterate the new Race-X with. Speaking about the new race, Op For is to include about 20 all new characters, good and bad, Race-X being one of the bad ones includes about 9 never before seen alien beings for your slaughtering pleasure. The ambiance throughout the demo was incredible, I nearly jumped out of my seat from aliens falling from the ceiling and creeping through the darkness only guided by my close range night vision goggles. To hear the shriek from an Xen slave in the dark was to hear Death itself creep up to close for comfort. The atmosphere of being back in BMRF is stunning, the mappers of Gearbox did an excellent job at recreating the feel of the Facility. The puzzles in Op For can be quite tricky, but for something to be difficult, you are always rewarded. The puzzles are extremely intense, and had me on the edge of my seat more than once trying to conquer them so I could move on. In one instance, there are a series of lasers, one of which goes across stairs which you have to get over. You have to get rid of that laser, but how!? You're just going to have to wait a week or two until Opposing Forces goes gold and is shipped into all your local software retailers.Ben benieuwd! Daar gaan weer wat nachten slaap!