Voor alle mensen die nog nooit van Opposing Force hebben gehoord, of er iets meer van willen weten, kunnen bij Gamerscentral terecht.

Hier een stukkie uit hun review:One of the outstanding aspects of Opposing Force is the boot camp that serves as your training ground. Your drill instructors are straight out of Full Metal Jacket, the classic Oliver Stone movie and like in the movie the drill sergeants will trash talk you if you fail to negotiate one of the obstacles. The training ground consists of a number of obstacle courses one of which requires you to use ropes Tarzan style to get from one point to the next. Another part of the course allows you to practice with two of the new weapons available namely the Desert Eagle and the sniper rifle. Strangely the SAW machine gun and none of the explosive ordinance like the satchel charge, grenade or laser trip mine are mentioned or available in the training.