[BS]NoN@m3, Jeroen v/d Kaap en Sith weten ons te melden dat Seventh.com.au een uitgebreide tutorial is verschenen voor het gebruik van de Operation Flashpoint mission editor. De tutorial is extra handig omdat Codemaster zelf geen uitleg geeft over het gebruik van de editor. Aan te raden kost voor iedere wannabee OFP missiemaker Welcome to our first OFP step-by-step mission editing tutorial. The coming month we'll add a complete editing section with a lot more editing related articles, step-by-steps, resources and of course missions. In this particular tutorial we'll explain all the basic features of the editor and all menus you'll need for basic mission design. If you follow it carefully, in the end you'll be able to make your own basic missions, both SP and MP. In future tutorials we'll add more advanced stuff like briefings, cutscenes and scripting. For this tutorial we selected a Co-Op mission near Entre Deux since it'll be very recognizable for most of you, making it easier to understand what you are actually making. We very strongly recommend you to save your mission (press Save and select Save as: User mission, name it "Tutorial1") after every step you make to prevent angry faces after losing a lot of work due to possible crashes. Je kan verder lezen bij Seventh.com.au