Ook Activision en THQ hebben voor de Xbox gekozen. Alweer 2 grote gamefabrikanten die titels voor Microsoft's Xbox gaan uitgeven.


“Activision is excited about the Xbox, and we are working closely with Microsoft to create a broad portfolio of games for the new platform,” states John Watts, Vice President, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Region. “Because our development teams are already familiar with the platform's architecture from the PC, the progress we've been able to make one year away from the system's launch has been unprecedented. The Xbox's advanced technology will enable us to deliver immersive entertainment experiences that fully capture the creative vision of our developers.”


"We expect Microsoft's Xbox to further expand the console games industry and we are delighted to have such a significant role in the system's launch," stated Brian Farrell, president and chief executive officer, THQ. "Our developers are already enjoying the advantage of a familiar tool set in designing games for the future generation of gamers."

"Game players can look forward to experiencing some of THQ's best known video game titles on the Xbox system," stated J. Allard, general manager of Xbox. "The Xbox system will enable the most realistic gameplay experiences to date for THQ's key franchises, both current and future."

Die Bill Gates heeft het weer goed voor mekaar. De console-wereld kan nu bijna niet meer om de Xbox heen.