Zowel xgr.com als The Reviewboard hebben een review geschreven van het net-uitgebrachte Oni. Bij de reviewboard hebben ze er gelijk nog cheats bijgezet, voor de minder hoog-begaafden onder ons . Beide reviewers zijn zeer over de game te spreken, de AI is goed, er zijn veel moves en vijanden, afwisselende omgevingen en prachtige graphics. Ook het geluid klinkt naar behoren. Alleen is de camera soms een beetje irritant. Maar dat zal wel nooit goedkomen in third person games. XGR.com geeft de game een 8,75 (dat verzin ik echt niet!) en The Reviewboard geeft geen cijfers weg.XGR:

The first patch may fix some of these issues, but having "options" or at least "main menu" available while paused seems obvious. Fine-tuning the translucency seems obvious. I'm sure they know something about this that I don't. But wait what's this? You have to edit a text file to rebind the keys? It's not like that's difficult, but come on. Oh, and why are there this many switches? Do we really need this many? Regardless, assume the real game to be about 50% more fun than the demo.

Also, assume the game ending to be about 50% less rewarding than other game endings. Maybe it was a bug, but my screen went blank while Konoko narrated an epilogue, then a driving techno beat played for a while. I clicked the mouse and the program dumped me to the desktop.

The reviewboard: Some people might find it a pity that you cannot continuously save your game. Each mission is divided in a few sub-levels, and only upon reaching these sub-levels is the game's auto-save feature activated. Since the AI reacts differently to your choices, the game is more challenging. Nu Halo nog...