GoneGold meldt ons dat de aktie game Oni van Rockstar Games en Bungie goud is gegaan. Alle versies van de game (PC-PS2-Mac) worden de 29ste van deze maand gereleased in Amerika, de release hier in Nederland zal dus ook spoedig plaats vinden.

Verder wist GoneGold te meldden dat Kingdom under Fire, de RTS van Gathering of Developers, ook goud is gegaan en de 15e verwacht wordt in Amerika. Kingdom under Fire:

Kingdom Under Fire (KUF) details the epic battles on the continent of Bersiah, where the Race of Light (Humans and Elves) and the Race of Darkness (Orcs and Ogres) coexist in a brooding cloud of suspicion and hostility. Their battles- for life and hegemony- are rooted in the primordial conflict between the two gods Amoth and Tobied and have been waged since the dawn of history. The most recent war gave birth to legends such as The War of Xok Knights, or The War of Heroes.

Oni: Oni is Bungie's latest opus. This action-adventure thrilla follows the antics of Konoko, an agent of the Technology Crime Task Force. She's got some moves to bust, with plenty of kicks, hits, combos, and even a finishing move, as well as lots of toys that go boom. Highly anticipated. Om meer over de games te lezen surf je door naar of oni.bungie.com of kuf.god.com.