Action game overlord, Hideki Kamiya has seemingly teased an imminent reveal for Bayonetta 2... again. When quizzed on Twitter if we'll get to see a new series instalment unveiled at next year's Tokyo Game Show, the Platinum Games man responded: "You'll see soon." Asked if the new game will star the same curvy protagonist as his last, Kamiya responded with the same answer. It's sounding likely then. In a further twist however, upon seeing the 'Bayonetta 2 confirmed!!1' headlines Kamiya updated his twitter blaming his bad English, and claiming he actually meant to say, "you'll see now what I'm doing," which has us as confused as you. It's not the first time the creator's hinted at a follow-up of course: When asked by a fan on Twitter earlier this year, he replied "I believe so" and followed up another question with, "she'll be back if you believe so." Before leaving Capcom, Kamiya created Devil May Cry. Kamiya has responded to Ninja Theory's new look Dante and dosn't sound impressed at all.