Weer een nieuwe game en weer een preview. Deze gaat zeker kont schoppen! Check de preview en de screenshots!To make the experience all the more enthralling rage has put some clever little tricks into play. Dust clouds, exhaust fumes, flames from the exhaust as the engine overruns, night time spotlights and environment mapping all play their part in providing the most realistic graphical experience in a racing game to date. We're not kidding either, you really feel like you driving a nifty sand dune style buggy and leaning left and right as you whoosh around corners at phenomenal speeds.

The big selling point for OffRoad is that it's more fun to play than trying to re-create the 'Mini' racing scene in 'The Italian' job without a license. You jump, bounce, swerve, twist and wobble realistically around every track. The weather effects change the way your car handles and one rout is never as simple as lap after lap, there's always another way around. This is just plain un-adulterated (always wanted to say that)fun.OffRoad is one to watch, we loved it from the moment we got a chance to play it and so will you!Release Date - Q1-2000 Bravo, eindelijk weer eens lekker overal bleren net als in het klassieke Big Red Racing!