DailyRadar heeft een interview gehad met Derek Perez en hij is PR manager bij nVidia. Ze hebben het over de opkomst van het bedrijf en ook het lekken van drivers komt aan bod:

DR: Right around the release of the Voodoo5 card, nVidia began "leaking" drivers. There have been so many versions and variations that it's almost impossible to track. The Detonator 3 drivers are geared toward solving that problem and, to a certain degree, they do. However, there are already some complaints of incompatibilities, especially with older (TNT2 and earlier) cards. How is nVidia addressing this issue?

DP: We've never leaked a driver to anyone -- these drivers were leaked without our permission. As for Detonator 3, we will continue to tweak and update on a regular basis.

En laten we het eens over de idioot hoge prijs van de GeForce2 Ultra hebben:

DR: How well does nVidia expect the Ultra to sell with a $500 price tag?

DP: I think the Geforce2 Ultra will be one of the hottest-selling PC products this fall -- but I'm pretty biased.

Hij is erg overtuigd van 'zichzelf'

Nog 1 quoteje om het af te leren. Waarom ze zo snel nieuwe kaarten uitbrengen:

DR: Some have complained that the GeForce2 Ultra was released too quickly after the GeForce2 GTS. Was its release to counteract ATi's Radeon card beating the GeForce2 GTS in 32-bit mode benchmarks, or was it going to release in September regardless of the competition?

DP: Every six months we release a new product, and the GeForce2 Ultra is our product for fall of 2000, or this next six months. In regard to ATI, notice that in the benchmarks we didn't need Ultra to beat the Radeon -- with Detonator 3, the original GeForce2 GTS wins in both 16- and 32-bit... hands-down.