Ingava schreef een review over Nox, de nieuwe RPG van Westwood. Je kent hem waarschijnlijk nog wel van de teaser die op de Tiberian Sun cd staat, als je TS sowieso nog kan herrineren! In ieder geval, we hadden het over Nox. Hieronder vind je een stukje uit hun review. Voor de echte liefhebbers een must, aangezien er erg veel wordt behandeld. Hij scoort een 8,2 op een schaal van 10.In case you have never heard of Nox, it is a game by Westwood Studios, Inc. (makers of the Command & Conquer series). If you have played the smash hit by Diablo by Blizzard, you know the view utilized in Nox: an isometric 3rd person view with a 3/4 top-down floating camera. The default controls are very easy to learn and, again, much like Diablo. Right-clicking moves your character forward in the direction of the mouse (hey Blizzard, there are 2 buttons on most mice! (Blizzard was probably designing their interface to work with the lowest common denominator - the single-mouse-button Mac version of Diablo, and forgot about the various functions that the right mouse button could have been assigned to, besides simple spell casting - ed.)). Left-clicking performs actions, such a picking up items, talking, etc. The interface is laid out nicely, with hotkeys pre-assigned to restore health and cure poison potions (bottom right), and to the special abilities earned when gaining levels (bottom center).