Bond, James Bond. Hopelijk kan je dat vrijdag ook zeggen als de demo van No One Lives Forever uitkomt. Waarschijnlijk 100mb, maar geheime agenten horen het niet makkelijk te hebben I just got off (hey now) of the phone from my "Inside Source" at Fox / Monolith, who we'll call "Johnson McHung". Johnson managed to provide me with a ton of poop on the upcoming demo of No One Lives Forever. I'll just bullet what I found out:

- I have heard, from a very reliable source, that Fox will be releasing a single-player NOLF demo. this upcoming Friday (in the late afternoon). Rest assured, if there is any truth, I'll be all over it like white on rice.

- The demo will weigh in at aprox. 100 megs

- A closed multiplayer demo is currently being considered (closed beta test -- formerly just a rumor, I couldn't get this verified by my inside source, I'm just assuming that they are shooting for a Christmas release -- I think it's a very safe assumption).

- The demo is based in none other than fabulous Morocco level that was shown off at E3 (a includes a good mixture of indoor and outdoor environments)

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