Nadat gisteren Frank nog poste dat de Nintendo Dolphin nog voor/in 2000 wereldwijd verkrijgbaar zou zijn, las ik vandaag het volgende op Vintage Gaming:For those of you hoping to see Nintendo release its next-gen "Dolphin" video game system, sometime this year, you will probably be disapointed. IGN has mentioned that Dolphin hardware has not been shown yet. No game software has been previewed. Nothing has been set in stone. In fact, Nintendo hasn't even released the full, finalized system specifications for the phantom system. But Nintendo still confidently claims that the console will ship as planned at the end of the year. We believe otherwise. They mention that there is an outside chance that it may appear in Japan before the end of the year, but no way it will make it here in the US during y2k. The IGN article gives several other reasons why they don't expect a release this year, and you can read about it at the article linked above. Slecht nieuws dus voor de Europeanen (Als het waar is!) En voor Nintendo ook natuurlijk. Op deze manier krijg de PSX2 (waar dus wel de specs en de hardware van aanwezig zijn!) een leuke voorsprong.