Er zijn weer nieuwe screens uitgekomen van Wizards & Warriors. Bij Avault hebben ze er aardig wat (13). Activision sent the Adrenaline Vault these new screenshots from D.W. Bradley's first-person fantasy RPG, Wizards & Warriors, coming to the PC this fall. The game sends people on a quest through the mythical realm of Gael Serran. Once called Swords and Sorcery, the game boasts more than 120 hours of action. In Wizards & Warriors, people control a party of six adventurers in a quest to defeat the evil Lord Cet. To accomplish their goal, they must find the legendary Mavin Sword, a blade forged of twin metals, one cursed, the other blessed. Combat is handled through an system called "Adaptive Time-Phasing," which allows people to progress through the game at their own pace, ranging from a turn-based approach to full real-time. When someone progresses in real-time, so will the game, and when they stop to select a particular magic spell or contemplate their strategy, the action will stop. Thus, slower or more calculating gamers are not penalized, and high-speed experts are never restrained. Players can build their character from 11 clans, including humans, elves and orcs, and a few unique races such as raptor men and elephant mystics. Once people select their clan, they can further customize their characters from 15 different roles, or character classes, such as wizard, rogue, ninja, or paladin. Wizards & Warriors is populated with more that 300 monsters from 75 species, and more than 100 non-player characters. The three major towns of Gael Serran act as hubs. These hubs include three massive outdoor areas such as forests, mountains, and rivers, and 10 indoor environments such as castles, dungeons, caves and temples. Estimated system requirements include a Pentium 233 with 64 MB of RAM. Wizards & Warriors will also support 3D acceleration through Direct 3D.