Er is een nieuwe versie (build 56) uit van de zeer handige GoingUp Mod Browser. Dit programma zorgt ervoor dat je bij Half-Life, QuakeIII en Unreal Tournament geen enkele MOD meer mist, want ze verschijnen allemaal in deze browser inclusief (download)link en huidige versie.[bullet]Total redesign. Everything now based in one window.

[bullet]Mod Explorer bar added - browse mods and their associated links through an easy to use expanding list.

[bullet]Back, Forward, Refresh and Stop browser control buttons added.

[bullet]Resize capability now provided -the browser window will change height and width according to the size of the main window.

[bullet]Mod Description text now moved to an html file, accessible through clinking on the mods name.

[bullet]New Mod listing system implemented - mod authors keep us directly informed of releases in return for a place on our list.

[bullet]Integrated real time chat capability - if any of us are online we'll be in there.

[bullet]And all the old popular features like forum browsing are still in there.

[bullet]Currently 20-30 mods are supported, but this list will rise to about 60 over the next few days. Thanks to the automatic updating of the list, users will see the mods appear as if by magic Downloaden kan hier