Er is een nieuwe versie uit van aGSM. Voor als je niet weet wat het is (wist het zelf ook niet) het is een gamespy-achtig programma waarmee je multieplayerservers kan vinden.[bullet]Added support for Q3A full, Unreal Tournament, Team Fortress Classic, along with: Disciples, Age of Kings, Starsiege, Delta Force 1 & 2, Tribes, KingPin, FreeSpace2, Age of Wonders, Forsaken, Drakan [bullet]Added support for yet-to-be released but still very cool space combat sim Echelon (Storm), you can download LAN-only multiplayer demo at developer's site [bullet]Tons of interface improvements [bullet]HTML output generation, template based [bullet]Powerfull Import (working) with sort & resizable/draggable columns [bullet]Russian and German languages supported (more to come) [bullet]Can launch games from webpages (more info would be on developer's page soon) [bullet]Many convinient things and did we mention GUI improvements? [bullet]Most of the crush on startup/during refresh bugs fixed [bullet]Support for the buggiest game of the year, SiN, and HalfLife / Unreal improved to reflect latest patches [bullet]This list can go on forever. 2.33c is better than 2.20b. period. Veel gamez worden er door gesupport,dus misschien proberen waard. Downloaden kan hier