Er komt een binnenkort een update aan voor één van de betere multiplayerspellen, namelijk Subspace. In deze door fans gemaakte update komen enorm veel fixes, nieuwe features en anti-cheatmaatregelen.

Omdat niet iedereen weet wat SubSpace is hier een kleine beschrijving van het spel: Ok, so just what exactly is this great game that we have been babbling about? Well have you ever played the game Asteriods? If you have, replace the astroids with other players over the internet and slight better graphics and you have Subspace. For those of you who haven't played Asteriods, Subspace is top to bottom and 2d scrolling space shooter with 2d ships and weapons. Various powerups are all over the map that increases your ships power, weapons, speed, etc etc.

Subspace is a very cool, very addictive multi-player online game. The thirty second description (which doesn't do the game justice at all)is that it is sort of like the classic game asteroids, except all the asteroids are other people online and they can shoot back. There are obviously a significant number of differences, which can get very complex, such as you need to make your ship more powerful as you proceed through the game by eating up power pellets (also known as greens). In addition, you get to choose the type of ship you fly. Each ship has a different set of abilities, besides being able to shoot. You also have teamates to help you out. In addition, you may choose to have squadmates, which may or may not be teamates (I told you this gets complex). Lastly you can choose the scenario (or zone) in which you wish to play. Each scenario is like a different version of the game, with different goals for you to achieve.

Info over de update kan je op vinden, ook mensen die meer over het spel willen weten (iedereen zou het echt eens moeten proberen ) kunnen hier ook alle nodige info vinden.