Op bijna elke site is iedere dag wel weer iets nieuws over deze game te vinden. Gamer.nl heeft ook al een paar keer wat over deze game gepost maar GA-Source heeft nu weer een hoop nieuwe info dus doe ik het nog eens. Deze 3th person shooter is gebasseerd op de gelijknamige film uit '98. Alleen de eerste 2 levels zullen kloppen met de film, de rest bied nieuwe missies en vijanden."Only the first two missions loosely follow the movie," Roby reveals. "We have been given great opportunities to expand beyond the world of post-industrial refuse that the movie takes place on. We're adding new environments and enemies to the game that were not in the movie. I don't like to think that we are making a game based on the movie Soldier as much as we are making a game based on the Soldier Universe." While most gamers have grown skeptical of games based on movies, the Sinister team has assured us that their game will be a true Soldier movie experience while adding something new in the process. "The first part of the game takes place in the environments seen in the movie, a hostile planet of post-industrial waste," Roby says. "We have also expanded on this Garbage Planet theme by adding a variety of environments that include an alien power station, catwalk missions where the action takes place on walkways suspended between piles of refuse, some swamp environments where the player will be wading through most of the mission, and the finale that takes place in a city that lies at the center of a crater." Eind juni 2000 moet dit spel af zijn.