The Borg schrijft: "Raven software heeft nu rondt hun nieuwe Star Trek game (die gebruikt maakt van de Q3 engine) een speciale site gemaakt met het laaste nieuws rondt deze game": Face Non-Stop Action: Fight in all-out assaults or earn victory through stealth tactics in over eight single-player campaigns and a plethora of multiplayer maps. An integrated story and non-linear level structure in single-player allow you to affect the outcome of various missions, and even the game. Become a Part of the Star Trek World: Explore in and defend the Voyager, designed according to the actual ship set used on the television show. Battle the Borg, Scavengers, Hirogen and more, backed by Star Trek sound effects, music and visuals. Animating textures, weapons and motion-captured movement add to the realism - corridors collages, walls explode and enemies materialize directly in front of you. An Officer With a Mission: Just as in the TV series, missions include team and solo segments. Interact with the environment, as well as characters who offer insights and assist you in tasks, including acting as your teammates in battles with aliens. Face moral dilemmas during your missions - will you rescue ship personnel or follow orders? The Best in Multiplayer Options: Mutliplayer modes offer Free-For-All, Capture the Flag and Team play. Multiplayer via Holomatch allows you to switch between playing as a member of the Voyager crew or as an alien, including the Borg. Take on the role of a Voyager crew member or Hazard Team member in Holo-deathmatches.De site is hier te vinden.